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About That CBD Girl

"Welcome to the page! It’s me, That CBD Girl. This page was originally created for my educational podcast about CBD, take a listen and learn the deets. I am also the owner of Quartz Trading Co., a CBD company I began in 2016 where you can find and purchase all of my creations. Now maybe you're here because of the podcast, maybe you're here because you clicked the cute little QR code on the product label or you just found me on google. I'm glad you made it!

I’ll save the life story, but let's just say I left my corporate job to help others with the power of CBD. (Fastforward) After many years working in the hemp industry and learning about cannabinoids and infusions, building a company and podcast, I have decided to venture out and bring you some high end, not the usual, hemp extract products. Boujee, if you will. Right now I am trying to help us all sleep better with the newest 1:1 ratio CBD/CBN product line.


That CBD Girl is an established brand of passion for the holistic benefit that cannabis can provide to our body. Not only do I give you my honest truths and experiences in the podcast, I give you products full of phytocannabinoid rich hemp extracts and terpinoids from USDA certified organic farms, nourishing and soothing ingredients and all natural and pure essential oils. High end ingredients with premium grade hemp extracts made accurately, because you deserve quality.

Hemp is not yet regulated or FDA Certified, That CBD Girl does not make any medical claims and the statements made by That CBD Girl are not intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any disease or illness. Information is based on research and experience, you are always urged to do your own research or consult a physician before using any new product and if you are pregnant or nursing.